Our History

For over sixty years Georgia Carolina Manufacturing Company, Inc. has mixed cutting edge products with old-fashioned quality and service to customers located throughout Georgia and the Carolinas.


The National Ventilated Awning Company is established by Bill Britt of Thomaston, GA.  Bill receives a patent on the ventilated awning, which becomes the company's primary product.  Sales and manufacturing facilities are established in Thomaston, GA and Augusta, GA.


After returning from serving his country in WWII, A. Watson Cordes, Jr. begins working for the National Ventilated Awning Co. in Augusta, GA during the summer of 1945.  As a salesman, he sells residential and commercial awnings.  (See photo.)


In October of 1947, using his GI Loan, Watson makes an offer to buy the Augusta operation from Mr. Britt.  His offer is accepted.  Upon the closing of the sale, Watson renames the company Georgia Carolina Ventilated Awning Company.

1950 - 1958

The company is renamed Georgia Carolina Manufacturing Company, Inc.  The new name signifies the Company's expansion in its product line, extending beyond awning products.  The company ventures into walkway covers, venetian blinds, windows and even self-launching boat trailers, a patented design held by Watson.


The Company prospers magnificently during this period, constructing residential and commercial projects all over Georgia and the Carolinas.


During this period Georgia Carolina Manufacturing Company, Inc. becomes the innovative leader in walkway covers, winning awards from all of its suppliers and thrilling customers with designs never before seen.


John R. Owen, Sr. is hired as a salesman for the Company.  Under the tutelage of Watson, John becomes the leading salesman and helps the Company introduce many of its new building materials and products.


In 1980, the Company's current location at North Leg Court is constructed.  The new facility with increased manufacturing space allows the company to handle larger materials and fabricate even more innovative shapes and designs.

1990 - Present

After Watson's retirement from full time work in 1990, the company broadened its product line to include both exterior and interior projects, upholding its promise of quality no matter what the undertaking.